At LOVEOWE, we take pride in offering high-quality jewelry that remains budget-friendly.

 Our selection includes pieces crafted from various base metals, such as: 

  • 18k Gold Plated Stainless Steel
  • 18k Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver 
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Stainless Steel 

These metals are renowned for their resistance to tarnishing and hypoallergenic properties, assuring you won't experience any discoloration issues. You can even wear our jewelry in the shower, although we recommend limiting exposure to perfumes and chemicals to ensure their longevity.

With proper care, our 18k Gold Plated jewelry can maintain its brilliance for 2-3 years. Plain 925 Silver pieces have the potential to endure for up to 20 years when well-maintained, while plain Stainless Steel items can last an impressive 50 years with the right care.